Myeik City

Country: Myanmar
Region: Tanintharyi
Currency: Kyat and dollar
Population: 209,000
Climate: Tropical
Average air temperature: 21 - 33°C
Average sea temperature: 27 - 30°C

Myeik Archipelago

Formerly known as: Mergui
Islands: 800+
Area: 14,000 sq miles
Largest island: Kadan Kyun

Main attractions

Myeik Islands
Scuba diving
Island hopping
Myeik Cruise


When considering your next holiday destination think outside of the ordinary destinations and come to Paradise in Myeik Archipelago. While other resort areas are constantly booked up and filled with tourists year-round, this paradise of over 800 offshore islands is a new tourist destination that offers some of the most interesting, unspoiled and unpopulated areas in the world. There aren't too many places where you can enjoy a beachfront view or your own private island without hundreds of other tourists crowding you in. The Myeik islands are very slowly opening up for tourism in order to keep numbers low and to create an exclusive experience with over 800 islands to explore and undiscovered beauty at every turn.

Uncharted Islands of the Myeik Archipelago imgp0854.jpg

These islands are located in the extremely southern region of Myanmar and each of the islands varies in size some of which are only a few hundred meters square where as others are hundreds of square kilometers. The islands are set in the Andaman sea and each has its own natural attractions and wildlife including wild swine, deer, monkeys, tropical birds and more. Each island varies with its vegetation as well some have pristine beaches, others are primarily Rocky, some landmasses may also have heavy mangrove swamps, rain forests and intricate coral reefs. As this area opens for tourism many of the locals will begin running eco-tours but it's also possible for individuals to explore on their own and jump from island to island with boat rentals experiencing some of the best diving and eco-tourism in the world.

On one of the most populated islands (Thahtay Kyun Island) tourists can find a five-star casino and golf resort which is the first of its kind in the region. The Andaman Club has an 18 hole golf course personally designed by Jack Nicklaus, a number of restaurants, a bar lounge, a small zoo as well as a scuba facility where tourists can learn the basics of scuba diving to explore the pristine waters of these islands.

The exciting part about this opportunity is that many of these 800 islands have yet to be fully explored. Visitors and tourists can truly feel as though they are experiencing something unique and for the very first time. As this area begins to open up to tourists and more resorts begin construction the beautiful and untouched nature of these islands may begin to change. Experience what it's like to be an explorer and to live the island lifestyle in Myeik Archipelago.